Vapor Recovery

UMC's staff has designed and produced Vapor Recovery systems for many different applications in the petroleum industry since 1966.

  • Tank Batteries and Pipeline Terminals
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Casing Units and Boosters


  • UMC EZ Tank Pressure Controller with digital readout
  • Field adjustable set-points
  • Analog output for automation and remote monitoring
  • Units are belt driven for volume versatility
  • State of the art end devices with 316 S.S. trim when applicable
  • Safety controls
  • Closed loop self contained cooling system

Rotary Compressors

  • UMC Double Bearing Rotary Compressors:
  • Heavy-duty double bearings eliminate jackshaft
  • Low maintenance
  • Bearing isolation seals
  • Heavy-duty vanes
  • Designed and produced specifically for severe H2S service
  • Factory authorized packager of A-C & Fuller compressors
  • Air & Water Single Stage Models: Discharge pressures up to 60 psig
  • 2 Stage Air cooled Models: Discharge pressures up to 125 psi

LACT Options

  • Air Cooled eco-vapor units
  • Water-cooled units
  • Electronic tank pressure control

The UMC fabricated Vapor Recovery Controller provides a dependable and economical method for accurately controlling all types of vapor recovery units. The four dry contact closures can be preset to read variances in tank pressure along with control start, stop and bypass.

Break Even Analysis

Vapor Recovery Brochure (PDF)

Rotary Compressors / Boosters Typical Performance (PDF)