LACT Units

Our engineering and fabrication personnel have years of experience providing solutions for major oil companies in the U.S., Canada, Russia, and numerous independent oil companies. We work on a wide variety of projects and situations and feel that no job is too big or small for our trained staff.


  • Charge pump and motor
  • Strainer/Air eliminator
  • A.O. Smith Meter with counter
  • BS&W monitor
  • 3-valve prover manifold with quick disconnect couplings and dust cover
  • Back pressure valve
  • Automatic sampling system with collection tank
  • Control panel with state of the art electronics
  • Diverting valve

Multi-Lease System: These units are often used in areas where operators have more than one lease feeding a central tank battery.

Loading/Unloading Systems: Units designed to accurately measure liquid products in a relatively short period of time, as opposed to a conventional LACT which rarely operates under any time constraints.


Produced oil is sent to a stock tank where oil is pumped through the LACT unit. When it reaches a predetermined level, the oil is analyzed and if the BS&W (basic sediment and water) content is below a preset percentage, the oil is then pumped through a sales meter and into a pipeline. If the level is above the acceptable percentage, the oil is returned to a holding tank for further processing.

LACT Units offer advantages over a typical tank battery setup:

  • Help decrease evaporation loss and gravity reduction
  • Provide accurate liquid metering (on tenth on one percent)
  • Free operational personnel for other duties

LACT Options

  • L.A.C.T. Options
  • Set/stop control valve
  • Key-lock totalizer
  • Printer combination
  • Meter dual head adapter with second counter
  • Key operated start/stop
  • Temperature averager

Components are selected from established, reliable manufacturers who are all recognized leaders in their respective fields.

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