Electronics and Automation

UMC Automation & Compression offers an exchange program that provides our customers with a great value. Simply stated, return your UMC product for an exchange and receive a valuable decrease in the purchase price of your replacement. This allows for minimal down-time and higher production at a great price.

  • transducer 1
    Transducer Used with EZ Control P/N 151515-x-x
  • Transducer 2
    Non-rated transducer Used with EZ Control P/N 151500-x-x

Level Controls
  • level 1
    EZ Control2 Dual Tank Level Indicator and Control
  • level 2
    EZ Control in Box Single Tank Monitor and Control
  • level 3
    RF Probe Product Detector and Control Plug in Electronics
  • level 4
    TankMaster Multiple Tank Monitor

Flow Meters
  • flow 1
    Turbine Meter Single Turbine Monitor
  • flow 2
    TurbineMaster Multiple Turbine Monitor
  • flow 3
    Valve Master Electronic Actuator Proportional Controller

Pressure Transmitters
  • pressure 1
    PT ranges 0-500psi
    PT ranges 0-15k psi P/N 151790-x
  • Pressure 2
    PT 0-10" H2O
    P/N 151795-.36
  • pressure 3
    PT 0-1 psi
    P/N 151795-1

Level Controls

EZ Control2 Features:

  • Four discrete control points rated at 10 amps for controlling pumps or alarm signal
  • Interfaces with existing UMC sensors

EX Control2 Options:

  • Millivolt input
  • Current loop
  • Pulse input

EZ Control Features:

  • Accurate LCD readout in level, psig, ounces or percent
  • Four field adjustable set points

EZ Control Specifications:

  • Operating Range: 0-4 oz. to 0-500psig
  • Output: 13 VDC 4-20 mA
  • Connection: 2" Victaulic

Tankmaster Features:

  • Readout in feet, inches, and eighths

Tankmaster Specifications:

  • Output: BSPDT relays
  • Connection: 2" Victaulic

Flow Meters

Turbinemaster Features:

  • Up to 8 input

Turbinemaster Specifications:

  • Output: 8 alarm relay
  • Supply voltage: 16 to 24 VDC

Turbinemaster Options:

  • Turbine meter/tank level readout

Valve Master Features:

  • 4-20 mA Pressure Transmitters: 15 psi through 15k psi range 0 to 10" of H2O
  • Four discrete control points rated at 16 amps for controlling external end devices and alarms

Valve Master Options:

  • Millivold input
  • Turbine input with rate and totals
  • Digital readout for casing pressure, tube pressure, and turbine meter rate totals
  • Digital simulation of input for verifying output and external end devices
  • Custom text of input tags